Angola is a country nowadays renowned as one of the biggest countries in the world for business. The diversity of companies hosted in the country and the investments opportunities in the different sectors, makes it attractive to receive millions of people during the year.

In Angola you can find a little of all Africa, rainforest in the north, savanna and open forest in the central highlands to the desert in the South.

An extensive coastline with beautiful beaches and islands, rich in exotic flora and fauna, provide exceptional leisure places.

It is a country with a variety of natural resources that makes it a potential destination for tourism, due to the diversity of its fauna and flora, beaches, mountains, rivers, natural parks and reserves.



Luanda is the capital of Angola, the country´s main harbour and the largest city. Located on the Atlantic Coast it is the 3rd largest Portuguese speaking city in the world, after São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It has approximately 4,5 million habitants.

Since the end of the civil war in 2002, both city and country have been growing and developing, especially due to the oil and diamond industries that represent important income to the country.

Luanda also has a strong culinary tradition, many good chefs, good variety and quality of fish, shellfish, meat and strong spices that will satisfy your appetite for sure!

The old town reflects aspects from colonial times that bring us back in time, with outstanding natural scenes that will take your breath away!



In Angola, south of Luanda, with excellent access to the airport, arise the first 5-star hotel in Luanda.

Exceptional, chic and exciting, Hotel de Talatona Conventions and its luxurious villas, are integrated in the complex Talatona Convention Center and International Trade Center, the last still being finalized..