To reach the Talatona Hotel and all hotels in Luanda there are several options.

Angola has an International Airport (February 4) in Luanda, where many national and international airlines operate to ensure communication with the outside of Angola.The access to the provinces may be made by air, as Angola has a network of airports covering the entire territory.

The major capitals have paved airports, but most of them have dirt tracks. The arrival by sea is carried through the ports of Luanda, Lobito and Namibe.

Angola has three railway lines connecting major ports with the hinterland, but operations are currently limited.

The road access can be made through a network of roads across the country, works are underway for the improvement of national roads which are in poor conditions and broken in several places.


In Angola, south of Luanda, with excellent access to the airport, arise the first 5-star hotel in Luanda.

Exceptional, chic and exciting, Hotel de Talatona Conventions and its luxurious villas, are integrated in the complex Talatona Convention Center and International Trade Center, the last still being finalized..